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Gentle cooling of chocolate masses and chocolate coatings as well as quick cooling of formed and baked products with Kreuter cooling tunnels. Kreuter cooling technology stands out by its energy efficiency and high degree of modularity.  Also available in hygienic design for highest hygiene standards and uncoimplicated cleaning. 

Cooling tunnel after oven


High efficient cooling tunnel for cooling of high temperature products.  more...

convection cooling, direct slider bed bottom cooling or radiation cooling


Adjustable between convection and radiation cooling.  more...

Cooling Tunnel


Radiation and convection cooling for chocolate and compound masses.  more...

cooling of compound coating mixtures


High efficient cooling tunnel with 2 sperately adjustable temperature zones.  more...

Cooling tunnel hygienic BKK confectionery

Hygienic Design

High efficiency cooling tunnel BKK and HKK in hygienic design.  more...