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  • At the Leingarten Facility

    Bühler Application Center

    At the Leingarten Facility

System Engineering live

Significant investments presuppose well-founded decisions - good, when you can rely on authoritative production data. This philosophy has strengthened us to offer you a testing platform with the Bühler Application Centre using which we can very precisely simulate your production tasks and innovation plans together. In this way we can develop and test successful mixtures and products for our customers again and again – with the most appetising results.

A lot of room for mixtures

In our fully equipped application centre of more than 1,000 square metres at our site in Leingarten customer orders for new mixtures, processes, product shapes, compression, cutting and coating technologies are tested and demonstrated.
The aim is to determine the most economical machine or system design, for which a whole mixture production,
forming, cooling, cutting and coating system is in operation.

Development Face-to-Face

Our knowledge and experience in the production of confectionery and baked goods as well as our adaptive ability for
certain process technology tasks, guarantee you high-quality products that fit to your requirements.
Benefit from advice for our proficient motivated team, who are always happy to help.